A Week in Brussels


In preparation of my next personal & professional step, I spent a week in Brussels: where I plan to set-up my own little creative studio and use Brussels as a departing point, in terms of career and location as well. This time, I've seen aspects of Brussels that I had not seen the first time I was there. 

Despite the rain, the freezing cold and the loads of snow, I managed to go to some really awesome restaurants, cool coffee shops, nice shopping areas, I had great food (I might have overdone it a bit), and met cool people. However, I wasn't able to come across a good cup of coffee (homemade Nespresso is excluded and I surely and passionately missed Starbucks). 

On a different note, I tried doing Bikram Yoga, which was excruciatingly exhausting and I was lead to the conclusion that I prefer Pilates to it, by far; but this does not mean that I wouldn't go back...

Now, I'm back home for the holidays to refuel, prepare myself, deal with my personal inner "demons", come to terms with certain facts and pack to go back to Belgium ready to work.

I did ask Santa Claus to make me a bit less of an overthinker and a bit more of a go-with-the-flow-er this year; but since the whole Santa sorry-story was kinda broken to me at a really early age, I guess I'll have to put some more effort into it myself.  

P.S. I have not seen so many ornate stuff and/or antiques gathered in the same place and in such huge amounts before, I guess it's a european city thing.