Items from Opening Ceremony's Tron Legacy Collection

In just a few weeks Tron Legacy will be in cinemas around the world, and in a few days the soundtrack will be out (Daft Punk!). So, it could be said that tech freaks and electronic music fans alike are feverishly awaiting for Tron to "happen". Well, it seems that it's not just them; fashionistas and style cravers have just boarded the Tron-train.

Opening Ceremony in colaboration with Disney, released the Opening Ceremony Tron Legacy clothing line. The line features clothes for both men and women. The OCTron Legacy garments are dominated by bright and neon colors, are rendered by plain futuristic designs and cuts, introduce laser-cut details on dresses, and include neoprene sock-boots and bomber jackets amongst other cool stuff.

Also, there will be a Pop-Up Shop inside the Royal/T Art Space/Cafe in Los Angeles (November 19 - December 23) with Tron Legacy fashion items by designers such as TomTom (cuff above), Jerome Rousseau (shoes above) Hayden Harnett and Rotenier.