Pilates For Men

Composition: Artémis Psathas

Sporadically, I might post something fitness-related. So, I guess, this is one of those posts. 

I've tried many types of workouts over the past 12 years I've been training. I tried all cardio, cardio+resistance, all resistance, pilates, aerobics, body combat, yoga, power bars, body pump and so on, and so forth.

I have to say that the one type of workout that had me coming back was Pilates. In the six years I've been doing pilates, on-and-off, I've tried cardio pilates, traditional mat pilates, balance ball, pilates ring and most recently I've been obsessing over the Pilates For Men 10-20-30 Challenge.

So, Pilates For Men is a great 3-DVD set designed by Joshua Smith at the Pilates Sports Center which is located in Encino, California. I've been a fan of pilates before, but this made me a bit more enthused about the whole thing. I mean; a pilates workout specifically designed for men zapped any possible doubts I had in regards of whether pilates could be used as a standalone workout for me. Each DVD contains a challenging 30-minute workout (traditional mat / resistance band / ball workout) which renders you exhausted well before the 30 minutes are over. Note that the set comes complete with a resistance band and a small ball.

I'd say that this was probably one of my best purchases of 2010. Now, if the music was a bit less aggressive, but I guess it's there to give you a push to go all the way. 

I did have a hard time finding a way to have it sent to me over here, but at the end, like in most cases, I got what I wanted.