MusicthememEktoise, Subsea

Ektoise Debut Album & Subsea EP

MusicthememEktoise, Subsea

I've mentioned Ektoise a while back and after that I got acquainted with their work a bit more. It's one of those discoveries that happen in a chained manner; through other artists, via creative collaborations and you're just so happy they happened. 

Their self-titled debut album, Ektoise, is an electronic-infused organic roller-coaster ride. It goes from smooth to rough before you know it, and then back to smooth seamlessly, with the assistance of lurking vocals and reverbed electro beats. Miasma is my favorite track off Ektoise

Their debut album and a mini EP are available to download for free off their official website. [Ektoise | SUBSEA. Mixes]

I can't wait to get my hands on their new work.