It's been ages since I posted something. I could serve the "I took some more time off than I should have" excuse but thay's plainly not true so I'll stick to the true "I was too busy working on the photos I took over the holidays and then I took some more photos" excuse.

The trip was simply... very eventful: a sunstroke, repeated sunburns, jellyfish on the shore, a fraud hotel case, a wasp invasion, many bad breakfast choices etc., which all contributed to a spicier vacation. However, none of the above can overshadow the fact that we witnessed the magic of some 50 Caretta-Caretta turtles hatching before our eyes, the awesome beaches that we had come across, the beautiful locations we've seen, the crazy stories that we will laugh with for a long time, and of course I am personally very enthused because I managed to capture some pretty cool shots with my G9, which once again, proved to be an amazing amazing camera. More pictures, apart from the random ones below, coming soon here and over at my website. 


We tried to jump... someone was getting the countdown all wrong...

Vintage magnetic recording tape covers at the antique market in Kyparissia