Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967)

Well, guess what? This film was on TV tonight and having read about it, and how 2005's Guess Who, (yeah the one with Ashton Kutcher) was based on this 1967 (!) film, I really wanted to see it. (Despite the brief interruptions due to poor satellite signal, I managed to see it.)

One of the many things that are amazing about GWCTD is the absolutely blatant fact that it's about a biracial couple and the adversities they confront. Fair enough, but the way everything is laid out and delivered is just too darn blatant. Then, the dialogues are entertainingly interesting and elaborate... Really, the use of another, meticulously eloquent, form of English is just stunning. Umm... the use of the "N" word in such a free manner was very shocking to me though, and I mean in an Oh-my-God, cold-sweat-shocking way! Oh, and the film is "appropriately" taglined as "a love story of today". A brilliant showcase of acting too. (The film got two Oscars: Best Actress Katharine Hepburn, Best Screenplay William Rose

P.S. Much "deeper" that the aforementioned "Guess Who", mainly because of the time it came out and the freshness of the racism wound which was still bleeding, especially in the states, back in the 60s.  

Above: A pretty awesome poster for the film and screen shots from the trailer.