CFW³ Show-Stopper


I will be honest here, I did not watch all the shows of last week’s 3rd Cyprus Fashion Week. I just saw five of them and the rest of it through pictures and videos in the press.

As much as cypriot fashion designers tried to pull off high-standard fashion shows, only a few of them succeeded in doing so. Kika Ioannidou, Complice - Stalo Theodorou, Ramona Filip, and Elena Stongyliotou (shown above) are some of the very few who managed to showcase a cohesive body of work in an adequate manner.

Elena Strongyliotou’s show was such a huge hit, that the room was over-capacitated (if such a word exists) and there was a prolonged delay at the start of the show because of the crowd flow...

About the clothes:
Elena’s latest line is somewhat reminiscent, if not echoing, of her previous one, original nevertheless: Highly detailed garments, rendered by unusual cuts, folds and seams, made of rigidly flowing fabrics, leather, and short-haired fur. The color scheme, in my opinion, is just gorgeous. An eloquent play of earthy colors with brown, naturally, being the basic, if not main, color.

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