It's Unanimous!


This is everyone's favorite logo...
And that's why everyone is getting one made.

First, Forthnet, one of Greece's main land-telephony, and internet services provider, upgraded their logo from the paleolithic icon they had before to what you see above. Quite fresh, and a major improvement from the previous one.  A shameless rip off of BT's new logo!!!

Then cyta; Cyprus's main, yet unreliable, (semi-governmental) mobile / land-telephony and internet provider, decide that they should undergo a similar change. I say "similar" because having a similar, more like identical, logo was exactly what they had in mind, given that they are expanding to Greece to offer their sluggish services there too. They upgraded their logo using an Athens-based design agency, replicated the feel of Forthnet's logo, and they even used a sans serif, lowercase script, to render the cloning complete. At least they managed to change all the signage, corporate vehicles, stationery etc. overnight sparing us from a potential mess of incosistency. Now, they even force their employees to wear scarves bearing the awful logo scattered all over them... Despite the "upgrade" as they like to refer to it, cyta still remains somewhat unreliable... 

And then, there's the case of Cosmos Trading... Cosmos trading is one of the leading trading companies in Cyprus, they're the ones who import Absolut Vodka in Cyprus, just to give you a hint. Anyhow, I don't know much about their rebranding drama, but I am positive the word "infringement" can very well be included in it...
Again, the use of the sans serif lowercase typography completes the replica like a charm!

Long live the cloned logos with unnumbered gradients and badly executed lowercase typography!