I wouldn't want to go over the whole decade in this post, given that there are some moments of it I would just like to delete -not even undo- just delete. Instead, I would just rather to focus on this past year and how refreshing it was despite its ups and downs.

I could say that 2009 was probably one of the most creative and refreshing years I've had so far. I managed to do more than I expected to do, learned that if things aren't done under a tight schedule they're never done, and that a healthy amount of stress and pressure are necessary for the materialization of concepts.

Despite the several predicaments, minor obstacles, professional limitations, nerve-breaking situations, and the overall hectic nature of this past year, I can say that I'm left with a good 2009 "aftertaste", and a reluctantly optimistic feeling for the infinite potentials of 2010.   

Happy New Year!