Ground preparation for "All In Our Hands" departed from the concept of "Transform Your Path" 

"Transform Your Path" was the title of Avant Garde's cover for the September 2014 issue. The style of the work sort of aligned with the theme of the issue: Comics. In the same issue I was interviewed about the cover and talked about the general concept of transformation and the many meanings it bears in it for me.

Around the time Absolut unveiled the Andy Warhol Edition Bottle in New York, I was asked by Absolut to create an art piece for the respective unveiling in Cyprus.

At this point I am an Absolut ambassador.

On October 22nd 2014, Absolut hosted an unveiling event for the limited edition Andy Warhol bottle. The event was, as probably Warhol himself would choose to have it: shamelessly colorful, and elaborately laid out in the many available areas of 1010hall, in Nicosia. 

As an Absolut ambassador, I was called to create a work of art for the event in conjunction with the unveiling. The departing point of my piece was self-transformation. I put my tessellation and kaleidoscope fascination in use and formed the main visual digitally. It was then separated and printed in layers to be eventually put together as a three-dimensional light installation. The night of the event I stepped in to enhance parts of the piece with fluorescent photoreactive colors, and live silk-screen printed certain parts with the valuable help and input by Simone Philippou of IN TOTO. After everything was done, the installation (and the limited edition bottle on it) were lit with, what became sort of the signature lighting of the night, black lights to totally transform the piece.


© Artémis Psathas, 2014 | Absolut bottle & Andy Warhol Images: | Event photos: Courtesy of Absolut Cyprus